Cooking Apple Green

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* Échantillons uniquement disponibles en Estate Emulsion. Les couleurs à l’écran peuvent être légèrement différentes de celles de la peinture réelle.

Un vert suranné fabriqué à base de pigments terreux courants.

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Cooking Apple Green 4,6 5 32 32
Excellent paint Very easy to apply and coverage very good - nice finish. 22 octobre 2014
wow i love it,its very dark sage in colour when put over white but as my walls were a brown cappacino colouur this went over the top perfect Over cappacino coloured walls this became a guacamole colour and looks amazing so glad i took the risk my walls really stand out now against a walnut styled kitchen 15 octobre 2014
Excellent colour and hard wearing I have an east facing kitchen and applied Cooking Apple green to the cupboards 10 years ago. I have an accent wall in Radiccio. The wall has been reprinted many times but cupboards are only now showing signs of wear. Everyone loves the combination. 19 septembre 2014
Think twice for North facing Firstly, I love this colour. We tested it in a few places in the house and it looks beautiful anywhere with a south facing light. It has so much character, changing with the time of day and I don't think you would ever get bored with it. BUT the place it fitted best in our design decor was the kitchen which is North facing. I tried to love it in there as I really wanted to use the colour but I'm afraid it just looked a little bit gungy. I know, I know, I'm sorry... in the hallway it was sophisticated, light and bright but with depth of pigment and really just delicious and satisfying. But don't assume it looks the same everywhere. Incidentally we've ordered skylight for the North facing kitchen which was very "clean" by comparison. 7 juin 2014
Poor coverage I only ever use Farrow and Ball after being introduced to the paints a few years ago due to the quality of colour and quality of the product. Unfortunately I have been disappointed by this product. The colour had the warmth and depth I have come to expect but I had real problems with coverage. I have had to give between three and five coats as the paint kept leaving patches. This colour was for the walls and I bought Farrow and Ball for the ceiling and had no problems. I'm afraid for the first time the paint did not reach the expectations I have come to expect. I only use Farrow and Ball paint roller. 2 juin 2014
Classic colour Great paint, fantastic to work with. I found it easy to get an even coverage and it gave a superb finish. Unfortunately (for me), I have decided I prefer a different colour (I should have got a sample first!), so I am sure I'll be placing another order soon. 25 avril 2014
Love the colour. The decorator said the quality didn't seem as good as Farrow & Ball paints once were. 22 avril 2014
Great colour not stocked by "high street" paint shops Love this green. Very sagey. Great kitchen colour, I think. I have a similar F&B one in my hallway and couldnt find anything near it from the well known, more household names. Best feature of all F&B paints - washable. Wipe kids fingerprints off it as many times as you like and it doesnt fade. I use it for craft though and paint wooden hearts with it :) 19 mars 2014