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Tourbillon s’inspire du studio Ducharne, qui créait des dessins pour les maisons de couture les plus renommées en France, entre les années 1920 et les années 1960. Ce papier est composé de cercles segmentés qui se mêlent les uns aux autres pour une allure graphique.


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Elephant's Breath

No. 229  

Elephant's Breath 4,6 5 65 65
Daft name Great Colour ! Our old stone cottage needed a refurb and many arguments/discussions ensued as to which colour would be suitable with our stone/wood/whitewashed rooms We eventually chose Elephants Breath for all the internal and external joinery and are very pleased with the results, it seems to take on whichever colour it's near The bedrooms are mostly stone and grey and the breath takes on a greyish look However in the lounge we have numerous wooden beams and it takes on a stone/ brown hue The perfect paint for us and I can forgive the daft name ! 29 novembre 2014
Great colour Love the colour but so disappointed with the coverage and ease of use. After applying 2 coats is was still patching. A third coat still didn't improve so gave up and sadly will not be using it as I couldn't possibly apply 3/4 coats to get a true colour. 20 novembre 2014
Love it I have a small living room. This paint combine with another two of your products have not only given it the illusion of there being more space it has given it a fresh and contemporary look. Very impressed as are friends and family. 11 novembre 2014
Gloss The estate emulsion is perfect..5 stars all round. The gloss however is abominable. Horrible to use..not glossy. A truly awful finish. In future I will take the shade card to dulux paint mixing and get them to copy the colour in real oil based gloss paint. You had a great product why on earth did you change it. 6 novembre 2014
A shade of grey with surprising depth. I first bought this paint earlier in the year for the hall. Being delighted with the result I decided to use it for my wood lined studio that required freshening. Being a well lit space with natural light it worked brilliantly and had a surprising richness and depth that I was not expecting from a shade of grey. 4 novembre 2014
Transformation My husband and I recently separated and in order to move on making the bedroom my space was very important to me. Elephants breath has changed how I feel in my bedroom completely. I am moving forward and able to accept the changes I am being dealt. Ironically my girlfriend (who also split with her partner recently), asked what colour did you paint your bedroom. When I replied Elephants Breath, she gasped and said, 'so did I after Paul left'. We thought perhaps we should suggest to you to change the name to 'Break up Paint'! 30 octobre 2014
Sophisticated and subtle Used this in my entrance hall which had difficult to match grey/ white tiles. Tried about 4 testers before choosing Elephants Breath. Looks amazing - warm but rather sophisticated. Very pleased with result. My only criticism is that I needed about 3litres to complete the job and was only able to buy the paint in 2.5l tins. Ended up with a lot of waste and additional expense. Please F&B - be more environmentally friendly and provide a range of sizes of tins. 27 octobre 2014
Beautiful colour great for any room I absolutely love Elephant's Breath which I used for my north facing front room. It is a lovely mushroom/grey colour with a beautiful purple undertone, works perfectly with the cranberry coloured furnishings I already had in the room. The quality of paint is the best I have found and got away with two coats, however feel a third coat would really enhance the pigment but not completely necessary if you are painting on a budget. 11 septembre 2014

Une interprétation de cette couleur au nom célèbre baptisée par John Fowler. A utiliser seule ou associée à une autre pour un effet de « pierre ».

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