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Nantucket Beach-House - Farrow & Ball

Nantucket Beach-House
Erica Silberman - SoHo, NY

Dreaming of the sights and sounds of a beach-house overlooking the Nantucket Sound. Overlooking the water, this sitting room is a fun yet relaxing place to unwind after the day’s activities. With the paired birds and bursting sunflowers of the Renaissance BP2808, summer’s energy comes to rest on the walls, while on the wainscoting below the light gray-blue of Blackened keeps things light and tranquil. For a nautical feel, paint the wet bar in Parma Gray and the floors in cheerful All White. Add a little drama to the floors with a thin frame of Plummett along the edge and a wider band of Parma Gray inside. On a coffered ceiling, Blackened nestles in the recessed panels and All White smiles from the beams. A pedestal for a telescope painted in Dead Salmon quietly adds a splash of colour.

  • Renaissance Renaissance
    BP 2808
  • Blackened Blackened
  • All White All White
  • Plummett Plummett
  • Parma Gray Parma Gray
  • Dead Salmon Dead Salmon