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Yukutori signifie ‘oiseaux qui s’envolent en groupe’ ; un motif simple inspiré d’une technique japonaise de dessin à la plume, datant du milieu du vingtième siècle.


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Pigeon 4,8 5 29 29
Fantastic Paint all round Absolutely thrilled with the results, used Pigeon exterior eggshell for my dressing room cuboard doors with fantastic results. Of couse used F&B emulsion on the walls too. The quality of the paint is outstanding, the colour choices inspiring! I dont use anything else. 12 septembre 2014
Two coats to perfection - lovely sophisticated grey/green. Took two coats which drank the paint. Well worth the effort. Goes well with strong dark greens/blues/crimson in curtains and grey leather 3 piece suite. This replaced F&B Light Blue which had been on for 15 years! It remained as good as the day it was put on but we needed a change! 30 août 2014
Pigeon Study Beautiful colour that has provided a rich and classy depth to our new study. The 'dark tones undercoat' proved invaluable in order to gain the depth in colour from a recently plastered wall. Very pleased, thank you. 10 août 2014
this is the best you can get Always very happy with this paint. Have recommended it to numerous clients and used it ourselves for our own projects. For me one of the best attributes is its drying time. As soon as you have finished the first coat you can pretty much depend on it being ready for its second coat within about an hour if you are working on affine day with a bit of sunshine. Love it, will always use Farrow & Ball although its costs a bomb when you are doing large jobs as I tend to do most of the time. Pity you cant get it at trade price direct. 10 juillet 2014
Perfect as usual I would not choose any other brand, the results are always perfect and with no nasty fumes! 27 juin 2014
Just what I wanted. A beautiful shade and has changed the whole look of our house for the better. Would totally recommend. I was not prepared for the difference in quality that this paint offered. First class. 11 mai 2014
Great quality paint Lovely colour very good quality covers really well painted my external garage door looks lovely. 9 avril 2014
Superb results We used Farrow and Ball Pigeon estate eggshell on the wooden panelling in our cloakroom it has given a fantastic result . Very happy ;) 21 mars 2014

Inspirée d’échantillons de peintures de la fin du XVIIIème et du XIXème siècle. Impression Teintes Foncées.

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