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Yukutori signifie ‘oiseaux qui s’envolent en groupe’ ; un motif simple inspiré d’une technique japonaise de dessin à la plume, datant du milieu du vingtième siècle.


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Blue Gray

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Blue Gray 4,6 5 30 30
Great paint but seems more green than blue. I love this paint, it goes on well and the finish is great. However, I feel that blue grey should be blue grey and this seems more green. I have asked several people young and old the first colour that comes to mind and it is always green! 17 septembre 2014
as always, F&B quality is excellent Blue Gray exterior paint used on masonry sections of a red brick house in woodland setting. Subtle colour, very pleasing on the eye, that blends well with surroundings. Far more sophisticated than previous ubiquitous cream I used 10 years ago! 11 septembre 2014
Our new kitchen cupboards look amazing in blue grey We used the estate eggshell to paint our existing laminate kitchen cupboards. Used a melamine primer first and then took 4 coats of farrow and ball. The colour and finish makes them look really expensive, yet it's a 10 year old cheap kitchen. Another farrow and ball success! 1 septembre 2014
Excellent depth of colour. Very easy to apply. Excellent coverage and depth of colour. Washes well. 28 avril 2014
Perfect colour after a long search! Needed a gray green emulsion for my lounge. Perfect but definitely more green than blue. Rich and elegant, especially nice against brass/pewter frames. 7 avril 2014
Overall happy The picture of this colour is very accurate (at least on my ipad). It is not blue or gray but quite a strong green which is what we wanted. We painted our front door in this and it looks really good but just be careful if you want a blue or gray colour. It is slightly more difficult to apply I found than a normal paint in the sense that you need to be careful to not overpaint afterwards as this creates brush strokes. You also need to use the proper primer and undercoat from F&B which obviously costs money too! Pleased with the final look. 16 mars 2014
Calming... This is a beautiful calming, elegant colour which is also very neutral so you can pull soft or vibrant colourways in. I painted our bedroom walls with estate emulsion and painted the woodwork (and our eclectic bedside cabinets ) in Clunge estate eggshell....lovely!! !! 27 février 2014
Good paint This is great paint - yes, compared to other brands it's expensive but you get what you pay for. Good coverage, good depth of colour. I hadn't bought Farrow and Ball paint before but I wouldn't hesitate in buying more. 9 février 2014

Une version plus bleue de French Gray®. Cette couleur semblera plus bleue dans les pièces bien éclairées.

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