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Colour Trends 2013 - Farrow & Ball

Farrow & Ball announces the key colours for 2013

Colour in 2013 will create a feeling of flow and continuity transforming homes into a nurturing refuge. Although strikingly different shades, Farrow & Ball’s Cornforth White, French Gray, Stone Blue and Black Blue can all be used to create these harmonious, slightly nostalgic, decorating schemes.


Black Blue is full of poise and drama; when used in place of whites it becomes the neutral creating a wistful romantic vision. Layer shades of black – use Black Blue on the walls and Pitch Black on the woodwork, but ensure accent colours are hugely contrasting. Pretty Middleton Pink and ethereal Blackened work perfectly on furniture or ceilings. This slightly distorted use of colour feels very modern, but by layering and accenting continues to create a velvety flow in the home.

  • Black Blue Black Blue
  • Radicchio Middleton Pink
  • Blackened Blackened



With its underlying organic quality, multi-faceted green-grey, French Gray, contains all the nuances of the natural world. Particularly elegant when used on panelling, French Gray can be effective in both traditional and more contemporary settings. French Gray should be combined with green based neutrals like Lime White and Old White for a comforting feel; or contrasted with Hound Lemon and Hardwick White for a more edgy look. French Gray has a magical, timeless character perfect for decoration in 2013.

  • French Gray French Gray
  • Hardwick White Hardwick White
  • Hound Lemon Hound Lemon




For a more sentimental, homely feel combine rich Stone Blue, with Radicchio and Cooking Apple Green to create a cheerful look. Stone Blue is also a fantastic accent colour to a neutral backdrop like Wimborne White. This strong, uncomplicated colour is particularly effective when used on a screen or room divider. Stone Blue is bright and optimistic with a slight rural charm.

  • Stone Blue Stone Blue
  • Radicchio Radicchio
  • Cooking Apple Green Cooking Apple Green




Pair Cornforth White, a light grey, with Strong White and All White to create a tonal look within a home. The use of subtly different whites, off-whites and greys will create really fl exible spaces in the home, with light and fl ow throughout. This simple idea of laying one tone upon another is easy to achieve, and creates a hushed, soothing environment illuminating the space.

  • Cornforth White Cornforth White
  • All White All White
  • Strong White Strong White